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News of Horror

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Johnny has sent me your Family. Families are differently terrible, the Hemingway family for example. I was on vacation in the Key West and fell in love with that town, so the Hemingways interest me. His youngest son died in Florida’s women’s hospital towards the end of last year. This educated doctor living in Coconut Grove wrote a book about his father and stated that he felt responsible for his father’s death, which had made him do odd things. That was back in 1978. Then he had a sex-change operation. (And in turn, his daughter wrote a book about him in 1988. Anyone called Hemingway can always write books about his ancestors.)

He did time in jail because he was found in a park while putting on a woman’s clothes and saying that his name was Gloria. He was married four times and his last divorce took place in 1995. He died in jail from high blood pressure.

Also Hemingway’s niece, a pretty chic and actress, committed suicide. First, she used to get drunk and then killed herself. Hemmy killed himself too.

All in Hemingway's family feel responsible for his death, only Hemmy doesn’t and me neither. It’s horrible that horror is everywhere.

Jerry the Stratospherical




by Jaroslav (Jerry) Bednarik


From 15 May to 13 June, near the town of Trencin, horror was towering to high heavens. It started suddenly and unexpectedly, without any warning. Citizens went to look at it, scientists tried to research and calculate its end that was not in sight, but they had to remain satisfied with a not very professional finding that it simply ends in heaven. People were fascinated by this horror for no one on Earth has ever seen it before in this absolutely materialized form. After two weeks, people’s interest in the horror dropped, although buses full of curious tourists kept on coming from Eastern Slovakia as well as other parts of our country and from abroad. Interestingly, at first the sight of this sheer horror terrified all people so much that it prevented them from thinking about anything else. But in time, people got used to it and happily went on with their daily lives. Only here and there they thought: "Good Heavens, what a horror!"

On 13 June in the afternoon, the horror vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.

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