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Literary style: a collection of excellent stories that get more readable after each reading.

Written by: Dipl.-Ing. Jaroslav Bednarik, Dipl.-Ing. Rastislav Dobos, Dipl.-Ing. Jan Petrek, Dipl.-Ing. Ivan Rosa.

Designed by: Dipl.-Ing. Rastislav Dobos, Dipl.-Ing. Valer Fabcin.

Illustrated by: Dipl.-Ing. Valer Fabcin.

Color arrangement of illustrations for internet by:

Dipl.-Ing. Rastislav Dobos.

Copyright © 1994.


The authors reserve all rights. Any unauthorized use of the published text and illustrations or parts thereof are forbidden.

(Authors´ contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .)


Number of pages: 92 (there is never enough of good things to go around).

ISBN: 80-88755-01-8


The fact that these stories are wonderful is supported, in addition to the conviction of authors, by the Dominik Tatarka Award granted by the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic (1995).


Availability: the book has already been sold out for years, and whoever has got it should really jump for joy a yard and three hundred high. Even the authors, when they want to read something good, must borrow the remaining few books from each other.

GALLERY OF AUTHORS (exclusively for lady fan readers):

jarkoDipl.-Ing. Jaro Bednarik (born in 1961)

rastikDipl.-Ing. Rastislav Dobos (born in 1963)

jankoDipl.-Ing. Janko Petrek (born in 1961)

Mlieč a Povetroň RosaDipl.-Ing. Ivan Rosa (1963 - 1987)
(is no longer here, so his child photo is not here either; 
but Valer made it in time to take a snap shot of his life mask)

valerkoDipl.-Ing. Valer Fabcin (born in 1962)
(has always been more mature and colorful than others)

The book contains the following stories:

    Railroad Tracks (J. Petrek)

    Picture Gallery (J. Petrek)

    Winner (J. Petrek)

    Hunter (J. Petrek)

    An Upside Down Hotel (J. Petrek)

    On the Flytrap (R. Dobos)

    Dear Pal! (J. Bednarik)

    Eyes of the Devil (J. Bednarik)

    Indictment for Suspicion (J. Bednarik)

    Dickey (J. Bednarik)

    Trepidation (J. Petrek)

    Helpless like Infants (from the series ‘About Sitting Presidents’, R. Dobos)

    President´s Wives / Wives of the President

        (from the series ‘About Sitting Presidents’, R. Dobos)

    Public Testimonials of Love Making (from the series ‘About Sitting Presidents’, R. Dobos)

    Wrapped in a Package (from the series ‘About Sitting Presidents’, R. Dobos)

    Gimme One More Ball for Da Game
        (from the series ‘About Sitting Presidents’, R. Dobos)

    Wedlock (J. Petrek)

    Herding after Her (J. Petrek)

    Final Judgment against God (J. Petrek)

    Robber (J. Petrek)

    People from the Valley (J. Bednarik)

    Revenge (J. Bednarik)

    In the Beginning (I. Rosa, R. Dobos)

    Man and Nature (J. Petrek)

    Milky Sap and Air Surfer (J. Bednarik)


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