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Railroad Tracks

Janko Petrek

Railroad Tracks                                                                                Railroad Tracks



There came into a station a young man with his bride, both enthusiastic about life and full of joy. They were on the way to their honeymoon. They bought tickets at the box-office and went onto the platform. It was such a joy to look at them as they were waiting for the train hand in hand. But the train was not coming. It must have been delayed. So what, such petty things could not bother them. Now that they had already been waiting quite a long while, they were starting to be impatient and looking around out of curiosity.

A railway man had just passed by and informed them that trains do not run anymore because it was found out that by looking at the railroad tracks they are coming closer to each other in the distance until they finally come together. Thus the impossibility of all train traffic is more than comprehensible. The young couple got irritated: “After all, it is just an optical illusion! In reality the railroad tracks do not converge at all but continue parallel to each other!”

Nobody believed them at the station. “Since they want to travel so bad, let them go on foot!” Seeing that there was nothing else the couple could do it opted the latter in the end.

As they were walking along the railroad, deep into a conversation about stupid people who do not understand the law of perspective, to their amazement they suddenly noticed that the railroad tracks were slowly coming close to each other until they finally came to a point where the tracks merged completely.


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