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An Upside Down Hotel

Janko Petrek


In a large spa town, there was a hotel built upside down to increase the number of guests. It was a great attraction indeed, and visitors from all over the world were pouring in to admire, but mainly to spend at least one day in this bizarre hotel. Everyone was curious what it was like – upside down!

At the first glance the building was no different from the rest of buildings. It was not standing on its roof as everybody imagined it. Even the interior was just like any other interior. What should be up, was up, and what should be down, was down. Neither the service differed in any way from other customary services. Upon arrival, people would check in at the reception desk, and when leaving they would pay at the cash register, they would dine in the restaurant and sleep or fornicate at night. Nevertheless, people were happy, their curiosity was fully satisfied, and they were constantly driven to amazement at the world-famous work of art. What was this “upside down” really about? Was it a mass hysteria? Or were the guests afraid to admit that it was a perfectly normal hotel and they did not see it, although the whole world did?

No, this is not a hoax! Nobody has to worry about being tricked! This hotel is really upside down!

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