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The Essence

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>Date: 24 March, 2002 05:43 AM>


The fish in my eye is doing fine. I don’t know what it does to stay alive since I don't feed it anything, but it’s certainly doing something there because an interesting thing has happened. Since I have had it, my eyesight has gradually been improving. Within two or three weeks I started to see normally at distance. Basically, I no longer have to wear glasses, which displeases me because I like wearing glasses and I am used to them.

A very elegant explanation of this phenomenon is offered by the laws of hydrodynamics. All in all, the fish feeds by drinking the eye fluid. Thus the ocular fluid diminishes and the interior of the eyeball is depressurized making it shrivel up. And as you certainly know, inability to see at distance is caused by the lens concentrating the light rays on a too short distance, and the point of concentration is not located exactly on the retina, but in front of it. And, by the fact that the fish drinks the ocular fluid, the concentration point of rays gets directly onto the retina. To tell the truth, this knowledge brought a large degree of uncertainty into my life, because I don’t know what the next stage of evolution in the fish’s life will be.

If it drinks up all my liquid, my eye will cease to function - I shook in terror. But on the other hand, even the fish would perish, which certainly is not in its interest. For this reason, such development of events would not be logical, that’s why I think it’s very unlikely. Yet it seems to me that the fish will drink just enough of the liquid the eye can produce - in which case there would be a hydrodynamic balance. However, can I expect the fish behave rationally? I have nothing else to expect.

Now I’m watching with excitement how my configuration of visual acuity is changing, and when I find out that otherwise I’m starting to see at distance well, but when I see at short distance poorly, I’ll know that something’s wrong – very wrong. After all, the fish does not have the intelligence to drink just as much as the eye can produce.

Take care.



by Jan (Johnny) Petrek


An audition has been opened at a research institute for an employee who can see the essence. Many candidates, who thought they could discern the essence, have registered. The selection board placed a hen egg in front of each candidate that had to say what s/he sees.

Most of them saw different things: yolks, egg whites, chicken, but also hens and roosters. Some even saw the planet Earth or the birth of the universe.

All of them failed. Only three candidates got into the final round.

“What do you see?” asked the selection board the first candidate when they placed the egg on the table.

“I see an egg,” replied the candidate.

“Excellent. What do you infer from it?”

“That the egg is on the table.”

“You started out well and you're close. We’ll see.”

The second candidate replied that although he sees the egg on the table, he inferred that there's nothing.

“Very good,” said the pleased board. It was a very promising response.

The third candidate replied that he does not see anything on the table.

“What then can be inferred from this?” they asked with hope.

“That the egg is on the table.”

“A very good answer”, stated the board. 'But who shall we select? All three candidates responded as if they saw the essence.'

The board were debating late into the night but could not reach any agreement. All three candidates were talented, but only one could be accepted. But who in order to ensure they have chosen the best? The first one saw the essence, although only in its cover, but at least he saw something. The second one understood that the cover is only a glitz and although the third candidate perceived only the inside, he did not see the cover.

It already seemed that a new audition will need to be opened when the next day, out of the blue, another candidate appeared at the institute. He claimed that the previous day he had missed the audition because he was busy with the essence that had delayed him.

Members of the board, paralyzed in their essence, completed the selection process.

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